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ON LIVING - WITH TASTE | David Hicks ©1968


Running to Jesus

I’ve tripped; I keep tripping & stumbling

But Im running to Jesus

He’s the only one that can truly comfort my heavy weeping heart

The only one that can fully restore me

So Im running to Jesus

And I will keep running

I refuse to look both ways; only straight

Straight to Him

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Take me there…
"Sometimes I think the more I follow God, the more I live a life that abandons the world’s culture and mindset, the less people I find around me going the same direction. It makes you feel more alone. It’s hard to connect at that level with other believers my age. Doesn’t mean I’m not willing to be friends with people who are at different places in their faith than I am. Not at all! It just is different when that’s not there. You can’t go as deep."


exactly how Ive been feelings. Its getting more & more lonely though…

(via free-is-she) Just remember that you are never truly alone though. It may just seem so.

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@__emelinele and our Natural Document Folio from the Cistus Nursery shoot, now available on @spring #tbt by tannergoods

Church was really lovely today. Happy Sabbath everyone and have a beautiful day.

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"Lemme take a picture of you taking a picture".
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